May 2023
Feriel Ouerghi has joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Feriel!

January 2023
Josh Schraiber has joined the lab as a research scientist. Welcome, Josh!

December 2022
Our new article with Brandon Ogbunu celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gattaca was published as a perspective in the December issue of GENETICS, and appears on the cover.

October 2022
Science News selected postdoc Tina Lasisi as part of the 2022 cohort of SN10: 10 Scientists to Watch. She also won the Jon C. Graff Prize for Excellence in Science Communication, awarded annually to one scientist in that year’s SN10. Congratulations, Tina!

August 2022
Tina Lasisi has joined the lab as a postdoc. Welcome, Tina!

June 2022
A special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B celebrates 50 years since Lewontin’s apportionment of human genetic diversity.

May 2022
Janis Liu has joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Janis!

February 2022
A new commentary in Trends in Genetics considers the relationship between open practices in science and courtroom procedure.

August 2021
Obadiah Mulder and Dandan Peng have joined the lab as PhD students. Welcome, Obadiah and Dandan!

July 2021
We have a new commentary in PNAS with Arbel Harpak, celebrating some great work by Yuchang Wu and colleagues on estimating indirect genetic effects.

May 2021
Vivian Link has joined the lab as a postdoc. Welcome, Vivian!

March 2021
A new piece in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology explores a model of how genealogical ancestry and phenotype become decoupled over time in admixed populations. Work led by Jaehee Kim and joint with Amy Goldberg and Noah Rosenberg.

Jan 2021
Happy new year! CBB graduate students Obadiah Mulder, Dandan Peng, and Jia Yang will rotate with us for the Spring semester, and USC undergraduates Judy Wang and Sanjana Paye have joined the lab.

Dec 2020
Vivian Link will join us as a postdoc starting in April 2021.

Sept 2020
The lab is NIH-funded! We received an NIGMS R35 MIRA that will fund our research for the next five years.

Aug 2020
Linda Ding joins the Edge lab as a graduate student.

Aug 2020
The Edge lab is officially open (remotely).